Tanning Lotions

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Private Label Lotions


Level 1 Bronzer

An exclusive blend of dark bronzers illuminate your skin with a luscious bronze glow.
$54 – 11oz bottle

Color Shock

Level 2 Bronzer

Specially formulated bronzing lotion that will shock your skin and break that tanning plateau.
$59 – 11oz bottle


Level 3 Bronzer

The strongest bronzing lotion infused with hemp seed oil to aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
$64 – 11oz bottle


Intensifier Level 1

A serious intensifier formulated to provide the avid tanner with a deep, dark island tan.
$49 – 11oz bottle


Intensifier Level 2

This tanning intensifier is packed with amino acids to give you the deepest darkest tan imaginable.
$59 – 11oz bottle

Top Shelf Tanning Lotions


We're upping the WOW factor with this super-advanced One And Done Bronzer. Get color at the speed of light and see yourself shades darker in one session! An exclusive fusion of bronzers mix with Jenni's signature skincare ingredients for a shore-thing tanning experience!

G Gentlemen

From Australian Gold - Rough, pale skin has finally met its match! Indulge in our unique base of coconut water for a superior, hydrated feel. A blend of natural bronzers provide immediate dark results without the commitment.

Smile You’re Darker

From Designer Skin™; What makes you smile? Gorgeous bronze color reminiscent of a Caribbean vacation? Silky, soft skin reminiscent of a baby.

Black Noir

From Designer Skin™ This extravagant 22X bronzer, delivers dark color that is truly one of a kind. The luxurious Silicone Emulsion with 2x Opti-Glow™ will leave your skin silky and radiant.

Take Olive Me

From Swedish Beauty; Get instant gratification of deep, dark color with this Quick Delivery Advanced Bronzer. Create your own must-have dark color with a natural darkening extract.

Hardcore Black

From Australian Gold; You’ll certainly be lusted over with this 30x dark bronzing brew of natural bronzers, skin nourishing vitamins and essential oils for deep, lasting color.


From Australian Gold; This extreme dark bronzing blend of Black Currant and Kukui Oil offers the hottest dark color possible, while Vitamins and Hemp Seed Extract leave your skin feeling soft & sexy.

Snooki™ Ultra Dark 70X

From Supre Tan; It’s about the ultimate in attitude and style when you use Snooki’s™ Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer. This blinged out bronzer is perfect for the Guido/Guidette tanner that wants more! Rich, powerful bronzers provide deep, dark, dramatic color while advanced skin firmers leave your skin looking toned and tightened. Enriched with vitamins and skin conditioning extracts, your skin will look and feel amazingly soft, smooth and ready to party.


From Supre Tan; Unleash your inner Guido/Guidette with Snooki’s™ Ultra Dark Black Bronzer. This completely blinged out black bronzer boosts up the tanning process with fierce golden color for the deepest darkest tan while vitamins and skin conditioning extracts leave your skin feeling amazingly soft, smooth and ready to party.