Tanning Membership Terms & FAQ

The Cutting Edge Tanning Membership Criteria

  1. Unlimited Tanning per month for the life of this membership.
  2. Payments are withdrawn on the 22nd of every month for life of membership.
  3. Membership tanners must have 3 payments deducted from their checking, savings or credit card account before they can cancel their membership. After the required 3 payments come out the membership will keep going until the membership is cancelled. Must sign cancel form for payments to stop. We do not accept canceling of freezing over the phone.
  4. Membership tanner receives 20% off tanning lotion bottles and packets.
  5. Membership tanner must sign a cancellation or freeze form by the 15th of the month to cancel or freeze their next month membership. Any notice after this date will result in another 1 month automatic payment. We do not accept canceling of freezing over the phone.
  6. Only one person may use this Membership and it is non-transferable.
  7. Member has the option of freezing Membership at a cost of $5.00 per month for up to 4 months. After this time their regular rate will resume unless the Member signs a cancellation notice.
  8. All payments will be automatically deducted from Members account of choice.
  9. Any automatic payment with non sufficient funds will result in a $25.00 NSF Charge.

Membership FAQ's

Can my friend or family member share my membership or minutes?

No, Due to State & Federal Laws, only one person is allowed to tan on an account at a time so that the dates & times of each tan by that specific person may be tracked as required by law. Unfortunately, you cannot share or split your minutes with anyone else, so be sure that each of you purchase the correct package for the most cost-efficient usage.

I don’t have a checking account or credit card that you can bill monthly for a membership, what other options do I have?

We do require that you provide us a valid billing account for a monthly membership. We offer 1 month in Silver and have specials with 2 weeks unlimited in all of our levels.

I was charged for a month that I didn’t tan. Can I be refunded that amount?

We do not offer refunds for services that are not used. When you are on a monthly membership, you are responsible to pay your dues each month whether or not you choose to utilize the service.

What if I can’t use my membership for a little while? Do I have to cancel it & start it back up later on?

No, If you are on a monthly membership with us, you have the added benefit of being able to freeze your membership. Freeze payments are a cost of $5.00 per month for up to 4 months.

How can I update my billing account?

You will simply need to visit any of our stores in person with the updated billing information (new credit/debit card or voided check), so that you can provide the proper authorization for us to change your billing information. Make sure you do so before the cut-off date of the 15th.

What is the cut off date to make changes to my account?

All requests to change billing information must be submitted in person by the 15th to take effect the following month. All requests to cancel your membership must be by the 15th of the month as well.

When will my membership end after I submit my cancellation request by the 15th of the month?

Your last tan date and any final payment information will be posted on your tanning account within a week or two after you have signed a cancel form. You may come in or call to find out about the status of your account.

How do I reactivate my account if I am on Freeze?

Your account will automatically reactivate after the indicated months of freeze and will start taking out full payments again.

What procedures do I need to follow to cancel my membership?

You must visit us in person at either of our store locations to sign a cancellation form. We do not accept any requests verbally, by mail or fax or over the phone.